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Forum Rules Category: Announcements

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 Forum Rules, Updated December 6, 2016
 Posted on: May 20 2014, 07:36 PM

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No Spamming
Any kind of spam will get you a warn or even a ban. This includes smilie and audible overload.

No Flaming
Insulting other members or starting a flame war is not allowed here.

No Trolling
Trolling other members is not allowed.

Don't Evade the Swear Filter
Purposely bypassing the wear filter like changing the spelling will get you a warn. The filter is there for a reason.

No Nudity
Posting any kind of nudity will get you a permanent ban.

No Scamming
No scamming other members in trades or anything like that.

Don't ask to be a Moderator or Admin
We will promote someone when we need one. Begging will get you a warn.

No Spoilers
No posting spoilers without warning. Please use the spoiler bb code or put a warning in the topic title.

No Faking as Other Members
We won't mind giving you a warn/ban for for this. Do not do it!

Follow Specific-Forum Rules
Some forums have their own rules. Make sure you follow them.

Don't Abuse NPC Accounts
If you are role-playing as an NPC account, you are still a member of this forum and are expected to follow the rules. Abusing the NPC account to bypass rules will get you and the NPC a warn.

No Exploiting Bugs
Purposely abusing a bug/glitch to your advantage will get you a warn. If it has a serve effect on the economy, you can even get a temporally ban.

No Audibles in Shoutbox
Since they will autoplay every so many seconds, we have banned audibles from the Shoutbox. Please delete your shout if you post one on accident.

Warn System: Warns are automatically removed after 60 days. You can also buy a Potion to remove a warn. If you get 3 warns(100%), you will be banned based on how severe your warns are.

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