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The usual, video games, anime, tv, movies etc.
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Member Title: Kratos122333 doesn't have a custom title currently.
Birthday: 23 December 1991
Location: No Information
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Favorite Pokémon: Alakazam
Favorite Anime: Speed GrapherAttack on TitanOuran Host ClubCode Geass
Gender: Male

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Games, movies, history, good animes (no stinky pokemon) and politics...

"Well, well. Look what the slavish devotion to sanctimonious bloodshed dragged in. What brings you here - or did I answer myself?"
~Ryudo, Grandia II

Haruhi: I understand why Honey (real name honeskanu or something) has to dress up in a elementary unifotm, but why do I have to dress in this middle uniform?.... We still stick out like a sore thumb!.... There better be good reason...

Tamaki: (to the Twins, Mori, and Kyoya, mumbling...) Oh, there's a damn good reason..... She just looks so good in that miniskirt, like a doll! user posted image

The Twins, Hikaru and Kaoru: user posted image user posted image

Mori: user posted image

Kyoya: So, you just wanted to see her dressed as a girl for once... (She's dressed in the boy uniform at Ouran...)

Tamaki: user posted image I hate you guys....


Tamaki: No Mori, please calm down! Don't go crazy! I know you are angry that you only get 1 line each episode, and that we are already 3/4ths through the season and you haven't even had your own episode yet, but PLEASE, don't kill us!!!!!

Mori: I'm not attacking you, there's an intruder...

Tamaki: Oh.... I see....

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Type 1: Fire
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