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Do you participate in TM3's Discord server?
Yes, I'm active in it too.
Yes, but I'm inactive or I lurk.
No, but I might join someday.
No, and I have no interest in joining.
What is Discord?
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Updated usually once a week.
50 new posts in any categories

Progress: 38/50
10 new shouts (excluding Service Bot)

Progress: 5/10
2 new posts in Shield Quest; Runescape topic 1 new post in Crater topic 8 ADVANCED items used

Progress: 1/8
3 new topics (excluding Announcements)

Progress: 0/3
CLEAR! CLEAR! 6 new Guestbook posts

Progress: 3/6
Play 2 games in Multiplayer Zone using Discord #Multiplayer

Progress: 1/2
CLEAR! CLEAR! FREE CLEAR! 2 Sploder random events cleared

Progress: 1/2
Use a Video key or Music Key 1 new post in gaming topic (Topic, not the category) Successfully block an item with a shield Use an Avatar Key or Cover Photo Key 3 new posts in Should we change the website name? topic

Progress: 2/3
CLEAR! Poke a member using Discord #Multiplayer 20 new posts in Team Mew 3 Forums categories

Progress: 5/20
Successfully steal an item from another member (not shuffle) 2 new posts in Recruiting Members for an Operation topic

Progress: 0/2
Rows Cleared Reward
1 3 Points
2 20 Money
3 Title Pass
4 50 Money
5 10 Points
6 Interest Ticket
7 Mystery Gift
8 25 Points
9 Boo
10 400 Money
11 50 Points
All Mystery Gift x3

All members who made at least 1 forum post or shout between start and end of event get all acquired rewards. This part of event ends when BINGO card is cleared or Summer Event (2018) comes to an end.
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